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Global Aid Foundation
deals primarily in three areas:



(Cruzial Generation Project)

(Don Project)

(Sowing Project)




Enseñanza interactiva

Entrega de material

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Why cruZial?

Two reasons lead us to the word Crucial:

  • It means: "What is decisive or decisive for the development or solution of something." Our desire is to give opportunity and facilitate these generations to be agents of change in the place where they are, key people for their communities to move forward and take part in the transformation of their environment.

  • The word "Cruz", in Spanish, means cross, and is inserted in the word "crucial", because we want present and future generations to know God, to go through the cross, to be transformed and with the help and presence of God can impact the society in which we live.



Interactive teaching

Material delivery



Cruzial Generation Project

What does each area cover?


This program helps schools meet government requirements for equal opportunities and access to religious education in the Christian sector, since the teaching of the Koran has already been largely implemented in the country. For us, this program is very important because the needs for education and training are many and it not only covers the spiritual factor, but also others that have nothing to do with our faith.

"Masango Project" is seriously committed to:

The mission
Teach children and young people the values ​​of life, Christian doctrines and practical teachings that will accompany them and apply to all sectors and walks of life. This will allow them to be better students, behave better at home, be better brothers and productive citizens, equipped with an attitude of effort, respect, love and faith.

Train teachers who can dedicate time to this work, with passion and dedication. Men and women with a burden to impact the lives of children through the life of Jesus.

"Masango Project" has created a means of obtaining resources for this purpose through the sale of the book "Masango and the path of the shadow", a project that consists of the book, support material, a website and a YouTube channel. A program designed for children, whose benefits go entirely to work in schools and villages in The Gambia.

You will find all the information on the website

By investing in your children you will be collaborating with this ministry and investing in Africa. That easy.

The resources.
We are a ministry without financial resources, but we are looking for a way to obtain the necessary means for the purchase of school / biblical materials, school sponsorship and planting schools in needy communities. Collaborations with other entities and donations have allowed us to reach many schools, homes and meet many needs. All help is welcome and well invested.

The reaching.
Participants not only receive Christian teaching, but learn, among other things, leadership skills, citizenship, interpersonal communication, personal responsibility for their actions, both good and bad, as well as having a sense of self-esteem, worth and dignity instilled in them. . We create opportunities to serve their neighborhoods and communities, to grow and advance in a practical way so that profits are not only received but also an investment that produces and reaches others.

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