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The Gambia is a very very small country, where Muslims and Christians live together on the streets every day, and also where they share classes and teaching with an amazing common respect. Even so, God has opened doors for us to share the gospel in schools, thus being able to teach the Bible and the values ​​that will make each of them men and women with a different heart and relevant people in this world.

Children have the opportunity to meet Jesus at an early age. They receive with great enthusiasm everything they receive in class. The Word is implanted in their hearts and they also share it in their homes. An opportunity that we do not want to miss. They learn values ​​and principles that make them closer to Jesus in the streets, in schools, in families and in a country in need of God.

Our wish is that each year we can have free admission to more schools where we can reach more children.

  • We are an organization that is raising up leaders, touching hearts and changing lives.

  • We do these by mending broken and shattered dreams and homes, through vocational training, feeding, education support as well as power clubs in schools for citizenship training both physically and biblical, irrespective of gender, religion, belief, race, or creed.

Teaching in schools.

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