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You don't need a reason to help people.

If you feel compelled to partner with us, the Global Aid Foundation is always looking for energetic, passionate, cooperative and dedicated people from all corners of the world who are willing to give back to their community.


If you want to do it cheaply:

You can do it through a donation or short-term (1 -3 months)

and long-term volunteer commitments (6 months-1 year) respectively.



We welcome volunteers to help us.



he definition of a ‘volunteer’ working overseas in development or mission can be very unclear; A volunteer could be someone who:

Works for an organization without a salary or payment of any kind and the volunteer finances, recruitment, preparation, travel, insurance, support, accommodation and food all from their own pocket. You will be required to make payments in order to enable us to secure your preparation, i.e. Logistic costs, which includes accommodation, airport pick -up and administrative cost. On your return to your home country, your placement adviser will arrange a debriefing interview with you attended by the placement adviser and one other member of the Global Aid Foundation team. This is your chance to give feedback on your experience of the placement and your evaluation of the program supported by the Global Aid Foundation. We are always anxious to learn how best to support you and the placement provider.


For a life changing and rewarding experience, choose a vacation with a purpose and volunteer with The Global Aid Foundation for Youths & Less-privileged.
Volunteers can participate in:
Work is very rewarding but can be very hard at times. The decision to volunteer should not be made lightly. The Gambia is a tiny and  lovely country and we encourage you to take the time on vacations to enjoy all that Gambia has to offer.


The fees paid go towards your accommodation during your entire volunteer stay  and airport pickup upon arrival and return.
  • $ 270 (USD) - One week
  • $ 370 (USD) - Two weeks
  • $ 470 (USD) - Three weeks
  • $ 550 (USD) - Four weeks
  • $ 740 (USD) - Six weeks
  • $ 930 (USD) - Eight weeks
  • $ 1130 (USD) - Ten weeks
  • $ 1330 (USD) - Twelve weeks
  • $ 1640 (USD) - Sixteen weeks
  • $ 1950 (USD) - Twenty weeks
  • $ 2320 (USD) - Twenty-four weeks
Fees are due 4 weeks prior to arrival. There is a refund, for those requiring cancellation prior to arrival, although charges for such refund will be deducted from the principal payment made.


  • Must provide a recent criminal background check prior and be presented upon arrival
  •  Must be over 18 years of age
  •  Must have adequate travel insurance
  •  Fluency in English is usually recommended, although, having interest to learn whilst volunteering will be a vital turning point.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if there are areas you feel you can contribute.

How do I apply as a global aid foundation abroad volunteer?

Download our volunteer form (VF1), complete, scan and send it to
Our recruitment counselor will be in contact with you by telephone or e-mail.
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