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"Masango Project" is an educational project carried out in Spain that raises funds to support work in schools and towns.

We invite you to know the different areas.

Masango y el sendero de la sombra.
 (Masango and the path of the shadow.)

Global Aid Foundation for Youths & Less Privileged wants to present "MASANGO PROJECT". It is a program to support the work in the schools and towns of África, through the book "Masango and the path of the shadow" The whole ministry that focuses on schools and teaching is named after this book.

It is written by Eunice Simeon, and is designed to educate in values ​​while we spend quality time with our children or Sunday school groups. It is a novel for children between 8 and 12 years old.

We present this project to you and we encourage you to acquire your book through the page


You may not be able to go to Africa, but you can support the work there with something as simple as a book, which will also be very useful for the whole family.
Each question is a challenge to answer, a door to talk, and through the experience of Masango, a boy from the Baka tribe of Cameroon, we can find important teachings and opportunities to learn.

All the proceeds will be used in the different areas of the ministry of education in the schools and towns of África.

Book and support material only available in Spanish.
We work to offer it in English.
CEE Spring Nursery & Primary School

We want to introduce you to CEE Spring Nursery and Primary School, the school we are building with the money raised from Proyecto Masango's education program and other donations.

It is in Lagos, Nigeria, and you can see the progress of the works from Instagram, if you click on the following links.

If you want to collaborate, this is the time. It is now when we need your help to give children of school age the opportunity.

Together we can go further.
Contact us, and we will tell you how you can help. Thank you.

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