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About us.

Global Aid Foundation was born in 2013, in Gambia, a small country in Africa. Since then, different people have been part of the team, especially teachers who served for periods of time, giving Bible classes to children in different schools.


Christopher C. Simeón
Founder and Director 

Eunice Simeon

Executive Secretary - Program Coordinator.

Global Aid Foundation for Youth and Less-Privilege (GAFYAL) is a non -profit and non-partisan Christian Charitable Organization located, in the urban region of The Gambia.
Our innovative initiatives focus on the needs of children, youths & the less- privileged in the key areas of education, skill acquisition projects, school Bible clubs and of course, their general development, irrespective of gender, nationalities, race, ethnic group, creed or belief.

A world where less-privileged, and youths unlock their Potentials through Christ, creating a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

To fulfill The Great Commission to “Go Ye.” irrespective of gender, religion, belief, race or creed.







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