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School supplies

In the photos are some of the supplies that have already been donated. However, composition books, pens, crayons, glue and pencil sharpeners are still needed! Please email: for an updated list or to schedule a time for them to pick up the supplies you would like to give. (Collections are limited to Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey areas.) Thanks a lot!

Donation of material and its distribution in schools.

The children received backpacks, pencils, notebooks, pencil cases and other loving details. We appreciate seeing those smiles that make the submission process worthwhile. Thanks god!

Shipping of school supplies February 2019

One normal morning, just before class, a load of textbooks, notebooks, colors, backpacks, and other different gifts arrived. The children of 4 schools in the Gambia, received about 30 boxes of necessary school supplies to reinforce their classes and meet needs.
The Gambia is a small country, where going to school is, if not a luxury, at least an OVER EFFORT in capital letters. Eating, dressing, accessing education, health, basic things that for us is sewing and singing, is uncertain, and inconsistent in the homes of each family. Our way of understanding the educational and health system has nothing to do with that of other countries in the world. In Africa, you pay by trimester, and if you don't pay, you don't study. That means that children do not have access to education if they do not pay their tuition regularly and on time. I do not know if we are capable of understanding how the world works outside our borders and how tremendously difficult it is for children to train and create a future in the midst of the very precarious situation in this country. That is why sending school supplies is so necessary for the children and teachers of the schools there. Any help is a party.

“Anike Foundation”, along with “Heart n Hands” and “Global Aid Foundation”, joined forces and were able to deliver all the material with great enthusiasm this February 4, 2019.
Currently, work is being done in the schools of Gambia, whose doors are opened, every week, to share the gospel, and contribute with shipments like this one. We continue to set our sights on the most disadvantaged people and places, trusting that this contribution can bless, help and drive another step forward in the education and future of the very young in The Gambia.
We thank God for the collaboration and love of those who have made this possible. And we continue to pray for changes and opportunities to continue to be part of God's movement in The Gambia. Help us in this!

This is to inform you about our ‘Back To School in Africa’ drive! We give African children hope with our little help in regards to education. Currently, all materials are being delivered to:
Heart n Hands, Inc. USA.  P.O Box 121, Elk Mills, Maryland 21920-0121, should any individuals, organizations, or families be inspired to help us Touch the kids with Education materials to complement the efforts of individuals as well as organizations that have already given and are still donating these materials for shipment in October, 2016. Maryland is the collection center as it  affords us the possibility of having all the donated materials in one place and subsequently shipping them at one time to Gambia, as we have been working closely with Heart N Hands for long now. Donations for shipping the materials to Gambia can also be made through our donation page and please remember to indicate what project you are donating for. Thanks once again for your usual and unwavering assistance.
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