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Evangelism Team

Throughout these years, different people have been part of sowing the message of the gospel both in towns and in schools.People who decided to give their time continuously and committedly as teachers in various schools in The Gambia, sowed the Word of God in the lives of those who decided to attend the Bible class. Many students took time to listen and wanted to take a free copy of the Bible home.

The team in these years has been changing due to the political situation in the country, and due to the pandemic. But all of them have done an incredible job and not only are we very grateful for their work, but we know that it has not been in vain.

Likewise, many people have contributed and have occasionally associated with us with the sole desire to spread the gospel throughout the Gambian towns and be of help in the distribution of materials and Bibles. Whom we bless in the name of Jesus.

These are just some of those who have passed on time or have collaborated:

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