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Food Aid


Compassion is what makes food for everyone.

"Jesus answered and said to them:  - You give them something to eat ..."  (Mark 6:37)

Rice distribution in schools in the Gambia.

On April 12, 2019, 9 bags of 50 kilos of rice were sent to the Gambia in each one of them.

450kilos of love were distributed in 5 schools in The Gambia. Each child was able to take home 2.5 kilos of rice to help her families.

The Gambia is one of the countries most battered by politics, poverty, instability and control.

About a third of the population lives below the international poverty line. The Gambia has one of the lowest Human Development Indices in the world; with 0.441 it is ranked 175 out of 188 countries.

We remain focused on blessing and helping this small nation, which by size always goes unnoticed on the map. We continue to want to invest in its people, in sowing seeds of blessing and eternal purpose in its children, helping in education and in providing material necessary for them to advance in the midst of such a difficult reality.

Again, united in it, Heart 'n Hands and the Global Aid Foundation, we thank God that He makes this possible.

​April Rice distribution in the Gambia 2.5kg per student. powered by Heart N hands/ GAFYAL, The Gambia.
Nine 50kg bags of rice were received and subsequently were re-bagged into 2.5kg which was distributed among five schools as follows
1. St. Charles Lwanga upper basic
2. St. Theresa Lower basic
3. Serrekunda Annex
4. Serrekunda school
5. Omega Nursery and primary school

Rice distribution in the village of Meme.

The village of Meme was able to receive a shipment of rice again. This time, so that they could celebrate Easter, 30 bags of rice were distributed, with 50 kilos in each. 

 Alkalo and his cabinet were given 3 sacks, and rice was delivered to all the families in the village. Rice multiplied, don't ask us how, but there were many kilos left over. Although good, it is not surprising, we still have the same God who fed 5000 people with 5 loaves and two fish.

Thank goodness for allowing Heart n Hands, Inc. and Global Aid Foundation to work together investing in the village of Meme. We move forward with the same purpose. Together, in the name of him, with the same feeling and in the same direction we go further.Thankful to God for the entire Global Aid Foundation team that has stepped in and helped distribute all the aid. And to Pastor Samuel Mendi for his work in the town. God happening!

Rice distribution in the village of Meme
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