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Biblical competition

Different schools in the Gambia met annually to share their benefit from the biblical school year in a fierce competition. Currently, the pandemic has paralyzed, not only this meeting, but also all activity of the school year.

We hope to resume activities soon, with God's help.

Let the competition begin!

Our Inter-School Bible Verse Contest took place on July 20, 2017 in The Gambia. It involved 150 students and 20 officials from 15 different schools, respectively. In addition, transportation (round trip) was provided, as well as food and drinks. Above all, we made sure your contributors enjoyed the spiritual impact of this program!

The Masters were tremendously blessed and encouraged, they said, a space for new initiatives had been established through the contest. One particular teacher puts it this way; "Please, we can't pay you, but heaven sure is with you and we're grateful!"

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