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Your visit to Global Aid Foundation International makes us happy and at the same time allows us to open a window where we can get closer to the need that surrounds us, and the work we are doing, by God's grace. Our responsibility to the cries for help could have been deaf, but we feel it, we see it, it hurts us, and it does not allow us to remain indifferent. We are motivated by God's love, which pushes us to free prisoners, to give light to those who are in darkness, to give hope, to share bread, to give the opportunity to advance, seek well-being and make dreams come true with a heart. compassionate. Our desire is to be part of the process that leads those in need to the land of plenty. We want you to feel free to not only learn, but also to engage your resources and voice so that together we can make positive change.


Be very blessed.

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As long as poverty, injustice and inequality persist, none of us can truly rest.

It doesn't take much to change a life, get in touch today and start making a difference.

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